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TDW is highly focused on providing the innovation and information you need to keep your commitments to communities throughout the world. That includes providing technical details you need to choose the right products to keep your pipeline running safely and efficiently.

Search this page to find technical specifications for TDW pigging and hot tapping and plugging products.

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1200 XL Tapping Machine Bulletin
1200 Tapping Machine Bulletin
3-WAY THREAD-O-RING™ (TOR) Fitting Bulletin
3-WAY THREAD-O-RING™ (TOR) Fitting Datasheet
3-WAY™ Full Encirclement Tapping Tee Bulletin
360 Tapping Machine Bulletin
660 Tapping Machine Bulletin
760 Tapping Machine Bulletin
860 Tapping Machine Bulletin
904 Drilling Machine Bulletin
936 Tapping Machine Bulletin
BiDirectionALL Disc Pig Bulletin
D2000 Quick-Actuating Closure 4"-30" Bulletin
D2000 Quick-Actuating Closure 32"-48" Bulletin
D500 Threaded Closure Bulletin
Mechanical SHORTSLEEVE™ Cast Iron Fitting Bulletin
Mechanical SHORTSLEEVE™ Steel Fitting Bulletin
No 3 Branch Connection Fitting Bulletin
OPTIONALL™ Multipurpose Pig Bulletin
POLYSTOPP PE Quick Connect System Datasheet
Pencil Brush Pig Bulletin
PIG-SIG® IV Bulletin
PIG-SIG® NI Bulletin
PIG-SIG® V Bulletin
PITBOSS™ Cleaning Pig Bulletin
POLYSTOPP® PE Branching Fitting Bulletin
POLYSTOPP® PE Plugging Fitting Bulletin