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Across the globe, TDW subject matter experts and thought leaders are taking center stage at industry conferences and corporate events. Whether they’re accelerating knowledge by addressing hundreds or educating customers face-to-face, our experts are helping pipeliners unleash opportunities, expand capabilities and be better prepared for the decades ahead. 

Connect with us to learn best practices or to find solutions for your business. Can't visit with us in person? Attend one of our webinars. 


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Aftermarket Services for Risk Mitigation, Safety and Reliability

Keeping people safe is priority #1. Ensuring your equipment is

regularly maintained is a great first step toward that goal. After all, you wouldn't drive a car that hasn't been maintained so why would you let employees use equipment that hasn't been properly serviced? Find out ways to protect your investment, and your people, in this upcoming webinar.
In this webinar we will cover:

  • MRO -- maintenance, repair and overhaul

  • EROR -- emergency response operational readiness

  • M-CSA -- maintenance – contractual service agreement

Presented by Aaron Madden, senior product manager. For your convenience this webinar will be available at two different times.

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Virtual Event
CGA Operations, Engineering, Integrity and Construction Conference

The OEIC Virtual Conference will provide excellent learning opportunities combined

with a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas around the safety, efficiency, integrity, resilience and construction of natural gas delivery systems. TDW is proud to sponsor this event.

Are you a directors, managers, engineer, field or general supervisor, or supplier / manufacturers engaged in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas delivery infrastructure?

If so, this conference is a must attend! The program will include a mix of roundtables, plenaries, interactive panel discussions and concurrent sessions. The three half day virtual program will also include industry manufacturers and suppliers presenting their innovative products and services during our What’s Current and in a follow up webinar post-event.

Look for T.D. Williamson in the "What's Current" presentations.

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Virtual Event
PPIM 2021

Join us for the 33rd annual Pipeline Pigging & Integrity

Management Conference in a new virtual format. Hear are the following presentations from TDW speakers:

Wednesday, Feb. 24

  • [24] Purging the 633 Mile Capline Crude Oil Pipeline: Case of Engineered to Order Pigging Solution -- John Morrow¹, Raymond Gatlin¹, Evan Sparks², Greg O'Connor³, ¹T.D. Williamson, Tulsa, USA, ²Marathon Petroleum Company, Finley, USA, ³Farnsworth Group, St. Louis, USA, 12:00 hours
  • [42] Detection and Sizing Dents with Interacting Features -- Matthew Romney¹, Mark Piazza², Dane Burden¹, Adrian Belanger¹, ¹T.D. Williamson, Salt Lake City, USA, ²Colonial Pipeline Company, Alpharetta, USA, 12:00 hours
  • [11] Applying Multiple ILI Technologies to Classify and Prioritize Hard Spots -- Matthew Romney¹, Adrian Belanger², Dane Burden¹, ¹T.D. Williamson, Salt Lake City, USA, ²T.D. Williamson, Houston, USA, 16:15 hours

Thursday, Feb. 25

  • [49] A Practical Overview of In-line Inspection Performance Validation Statistics through Simulation, Jed Ludlow¹, ¹T.D. Williamson, Salt Lake City, USA, 19:30 hours
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Virtual Event
2021 PRCI Virtual Research Exchange (VREX2021)

The Research Exchange Meeting (REX) is scheduled each year to

provide PRCI member companies, our key research partners, and external stakeholders with a report on important research results and provide a forum for an exchange of ideas. This event is the key knowledge transfer window for PRCI and will provide the attendees an opportunity to learn how to move the results into practice.

The theme for 2021 is Driving Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

Look for the TDW presentation on Vendor Results from PRCI MD-1-13: Evaluation of ILI Capabilities on Mechanical Damage Features by Matt Romney, senior product manager, and Adrian Belanger, principal engineer.

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Assuring Optimal Performance with PIG-SIG® V

Pig passage indicators were designed to make life easier for

pipeline operators. TDW coined the phrase "PIG-SIGs" more than 60 years ago and has continually improved the design. Today's  PIG-SIG®  V is a critical component of pipeline operations, but optimal performance begins with proper installation.  
In this webinar we will cover:

  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Presented by Matt Logan, senior applications engineer and Josh Mitchell, sales representative. Register now for this free webinar.

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Virtual Event
16th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc 2021)

The virtual ptc will once again feature an exhibition with

virtual booths and sponsors in addition to the extensive conference program with approximately 100 presentations in Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussions, Plenary Sessions and Technical Presentations. Networking among participants and with speakers and exhibitors will be possible at various levels.

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