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Virtual Event

CORROSION Virtual, the world’s largest conference and exposition that unites

different corrosion industries across the world is going virtual for the first time. This multi-day virtual conference gives you the opportunity to interact with experts as they come together to focus on methods for identifying, preventing, and combating corrosion problems across all major industries.

Look for TDW presentations on:

  • Practical Uncertainty Propagation in Corrosion Growth Estimation from Successive In-Line Inspections - Jed Ludlow, technical authority and Jonathan Hardy, mechanical engineer.
  • Validating EMAT Performance with an Operator -- Matt Romney, senior product manager, with Sean Moran (Williams).
  • The Use of Etched Anomalies to Model MFL of Pipeline Corrosion -- Adrian Belanger, principle engineer.
  • Hydrogen PIpeline In-Line Inspection Case Study -- Tod Barker, senior product manager.
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Virtual Event
API 2021 Pipeline, Control Room And Cybernetics Conference

TDW is proud to sponsor this annual event by the

American Petroleum Institute. Matt Romney, senior product manager, will be presenting on Enhanced Classification of Gouge Anomalies using Multiple ILI Data Sets. 

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Virtual Event
Integrity 2021

World Pipelines is hosting an online conference on the 28th

and 29th April. We’ll be presenting on pipeline management, and we want you to be a part of it too. The conference will offer you the chance to hear presentations on topics such as:

  • ILI tool development
  • Defect assessment
  • Pipeline integrity management system
  • Pigging and cleaning
  • and more!

Most importantly, you can tune in from anywhere in the world, totally free of

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Virtual Event
CGA Gas Measurement & Regulation School

This popular school is where to go to develop and

enhance your skills to stay on top or our rapidly changing industry. The event will offer a variety of presentations, panel discussions, hands-on learning sessions, manufacturer exhibits, and a product showcase.

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