Community Relations


TDW team members strengthen the communities where they work and live.  We trace this commitment to our founders, T.D. Williamson Sr. and Edna Mae, who believed that what we give back to the world is more important than what we take from it, and to T.D Williamson Jr. and his wife, Carol, (pictured)  who carried on their legacy.

Today, our formal community relations program identifies opportunities for giving and volunteerism, and encourages employees to make a difference by participating in local initiatives that align with the five TDW pillars.

TDW Pillars

We encourage our employees to make a difference by participating in local initiatives that align with the five TDW pillars.


    Basic Needs and Health

    We provide for basic needs and address health issues within our communities. Each year, TDW employees volunteer countless hours to fighting hunger. One of the many organizations we support is the Tulsa Food Bank.



    We promote education in our communities by increasing access and opening doors to economic opportunity, for this generation and the next. For example, team members in Savli, India, have opened science labs in underserved schools through a cooperative project with the United Way of Baroda. And in Salt Lake City, we’re mentoring the next generation of engineers through STEM competitions.


    Arts and Culture

    We encourage preservation of the arts, culture and creative development within our communities. TDW has made a significant difference by supporting local organizations - starting, for example, with the Tulsa Ballet in our headquarters hometown and reaching all the way to Indonesia, where we brought music to children with special needs by donating traditional instruments.


    Civic and Community

    We support growth and strength in our communities through programs that break down barriers to civic, economic and social growth. That includes making a difference in children’s lives in Africa through mission work.


    Environment and Sustainability

    We champion programs that support long term environmental protection in the communities where we work and live, helping ensure quality of life for future generations. Every TDW location is empowered to operate in an environmentally responsible way, to reduce their environmental impact and to support initiatives that help the planet. Those efforts include carbon offsets in Swindon, UK, rainwater conservation in India and cultivating Monarch butterfly gardens in Tulsa.

    Thousands of Volunteer Hours Each Year

    Each year, TDW employees log thousands of volunteer hours that equal hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of community impact.

    Coordinating philanthropic activities isn’t something TDW leaves to chance: it’s the role of Community Relations Committees (CRCs) at nearly every TDW location. 

    CRCs comprise employees from different departments who manage everything from volunteer opportunities to charitable contributions. Embodying the TDW values of integrity, initiative and interdependence, each CRC is autonomous and has the freedom to plan and execute projects selected by local employees.

    Projects may look different from location to location — there’s no one-size-fits-all mandate from the corporate office — but the goal is the same: to build stronger communities and make a difference in the lives of others

    community-relations-pie-chart community-relations-pie-chart
    Charitable Giving

    We take pride in giving back to our local communities around the world, working as one TDW to invest in contributions that make a difference. A significant portion of our giving goes toward Civic and Community efforts.