Energy Transition

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Moving Forward with Confidence

TDW has been at the forefront of the oil and gas industry for over a century, helping pipeline owners and operators safely and efficiently deliver energy. Pipelines remain the safest way to transport the energies we rely on, as well as emerging alternatives and solutions that bring us closer to a more sustainable, reliable and affordable supply. 

We will continue to lead as the industry shifts towards a future that includes:

  • Natural gas for providing a dependable, clean and cost-effective energy source.
  • Clean hydrogen to decarbonize industrial processes and heavy transportation.
  • Lower methane emissions to improve the sustainability of natural gas and increase the benefits of LNG.
  • Carbon capture utilization and storage (CCuS) to eliminate emissions that cannot be avoided otherwise.

Supporting the Transition

Whether you are re-purposing existing pipelines for emerging energies or embarking on new construction, we are equipped to help make your transition seamless and successful with solutions such as:

  • Intervention and isolation of live pipelines ensuring efficient connections and removal of non-compliant equipment.
  • Pigging equipment for new and converted pipelines.
  • Commissioning cleaning for new pipelines.
  • De-inventory, pre-conversion cleaning and routine maintenance for repurposing existing pipelines.
  • Inspection and integrity assessments for new and converted pipelines.


Experience that Matters

Technicians working on a section of pipe during the HYTAP Hydrogen project in collaboration with Gasunie

Our extensive experience uniquely positions us to deliver solutions that empower our customers to move forward with confidence. We’ve run our in-line inspection (ILI) tools in hundreds of miles of hydrogen lines since 2016 and provided solutions for both ammonia and pure hydrogen lines in challenging conditions.

  • 10+ years working on hydrogen pipelines.
  • 20+ years working on ammonia pipelines.
  • 18+ years working on carbon dioxide pipelines.

Collaborating with industry peers is integral to researching, testing and improving our solutions under real-life scenarios to meet operator needs and resolve their challenges. In partnership with Air Products, we developed a custom ILI tool to inspect pure hydrogen pipelines within their vast network along the Gulf Coast of the United States. Another recent testament is the Hytap project, conducted alongside Gasunie in the Netherlands, where we successfully validated that hot tapping and isolation remain relevant solutions for hydrogen pipelines.

Our knowledge and proficiency in inspecting, cleaning and repairing pipelines strengthens our end-to-end approach to your assets, with methodical consideration for the specific product application and its impact on each aspect of your operations.


Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses

Adapting to new energies requires a strategic approach. To help you navigate the emerging energy frontier with financial confidence, we are actively modifying and improving existing equipment and proactively preparing for potential challenges. These added developments will help us minimize your operational costs and continue to keep product moving in your lines.


Meeting the Requirements

Safety is paramount and as regulation and code requirements evolve and become more complex with the emerging energy landscape, TDW is unwavering in our duty to help operators achieve compliance. We go beyond simply meeting requirements; we prioritize testing and proving the integrity of our tools to exceed code regulations and safety standards. Our approach is designed to mitigate the risks of failures, ensuring a robust and reliable energy infrastructure that not only safeguards your operations but also contributes to a sustainable and cost-effective future.

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