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Saying you’re the best is so easy, anyone can do it. But not everyone can prove it the way our intervention and isolation technicians do. Every day, all over the world.

Intense preparation is the basis for their expertise. It’s also why our technician turnover rate is so low. When you’ve learned to do job the right, you’re confident in your abilities, you know how to mitigate risk and you’re rewarded for excellence, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Training starts with DOT-approved classroom instruction at our state-of-the-art facilities. Here, new trainees become intervention and isolation professionals, qualified to perform isolation operations reliably, efficiently and safely, even under unique conditions.

As they then progress through our strenuous advancement program — which typically takes at least four years to complete and culminates in isolation master status — technicians complete hundreds of hours of supervised field work and pass competency evaluations. That prepares them for your job, no matter where it is, what’s involved or the complexities they might face.

While our field technicians are the public face of TDW at your jobsite, they’re part of a larger intervention and isolation crew with the same goal: Achieve your project goals while protecting people, assets, communities and the environment.

  • Sales teams identify customer needs, opportunities and intervention and isolation options.
  • Coordinators and application engineers develop technical solutions.
  • Field technicians and field welders execute your projects.

To learn how our first-class technicians can make your next pipeline project easier on you, download the HTP Essentials ebook.

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