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Pigging Fundamentals #4: Implementing Pigging Products to Mitigate Corrosion in Pipelines

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Presented by Matt Logan, senor applications engineer. Moderated by Juan Baron, business development manager.


Join us for the final installment in our Pigging Fundamentals webinar series: Implementing Pigging Products to Mitigate Corrosion in Pipelines. Focus areas: - Corrosion causes/types - Monitoring techniques - Mitigation of corrosion using pigs - MIC/ under deposit, TLC, black powder Learning Objectives: 1. Review the causes of corrosion inside the average pipeline and the types of corrosion typically present. 2. List of monitoring techniques to ensure you are using the proper tools to mitigate the corrosion. 3. Selecting the correct pig and pigging program as well as how pigs can be used to enhance your current corrosion program.