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Confidently Classifying and Sizing Gouging Coincident with a Dent

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Matt Romney, Senior Product Manager


Originally aired Sept. 21, 2021

Mechanical damage, which often manifests as a pipeline dent with coincident gouging, is the cause of significant pipeline incidents globally each year. Unfortunately, many in-line inspection (ILI) tools have difficulties inspecting the dent region for the coincident gouging. T.D. Williamson provides a solution using the MDS™ (Multiple Datasets) inspection platform, which combines multiple ILI technologies into a single ILI tool train, for the most comprehensive inspection available.

Earlier this year, TDW integrated advanced machine learning modeling techniques with the proven comprehensive data output of the MDS platform to produce the first gouge classifier backed by an industry-compliant performance specification, including depth sizing of the coincident gouging or corrosion anomalies. Armed with the proper characterization of gouge versus corrosion anomalies, coincident with a dent, and accurate depth sizing details, pipeline operators can optimize operations resources, focusing on mitigation of higher integrity risk anomalies.