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Are Your Pipelines Feeling the Squeeze? Assessing Risks for PE Pipe

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Presented by Ryan Ragsdale, Senior Product Manager.  Moderated by Thomas Kerr, vice president of sales and marketing at Kerr Engineered Sales Company.


For years, gas distribution operators have squeezed polyethylene pipe as a method of isolating a section of pipe or performing a branch installation. Modern testing and plastic pipe manufacturing techniques have alleviated many of the concerns that were associated with squeezing early generation pipe. Still, there are some who feel that squeezing modern PE pipe can result in an integrity issue on the pipeline while others feel that squeezing is, and should remain, an acceptable practice.

This webinar will:

• Show results of integrity testing of squeeze points on a PE pipe using microscopy.

• Compare the impact of properly squeezing PE pipe vs improperly squeezing PE pipe.

• Examine the squeezing procedure and perform a risk assessment of said procedure using the “Strength of Defenses” model.

• Examine and compare the risk assessment of other methods of isolation using “Strength of Defenses” model.