V-Jet® Corrosion Inhibitor Pig

The V-Jet® pig uses spray pig technology to overcome gravity, providing a more complete coating and better protection to the entire pipe wall, even the top.


The V-Jet Coding System: Another innovative solution from T.D. Williamson. Developed to help pipeline operators combat internal corrosion, including top-of-the-line corrosion, the V-Jet Coding System utilizes spray pig technology to apply the injected or pumped in corrosion inhibitor to the pipe interior.

The corrosion inhibitor is applied in gas or multi-phase lines, using a series of pigs featuring the V-Jet Pig, which is equipped with spray nozzles. The differential pressure, combined with bypass flow, creates a syphoning effect which sprays the entire periphery of the pipe interior in front of the V-Jet Pig as it passes through the pipeline.

The V-Jet Coding System: Another innovative solution, only from TDW.