Subsea 1200RC Tapping Machine

Remote control hot tapping by a topside operator decreases dependence on divers for safer, efficient operations.


The Subsea 1200RC tapping machine — another innovative solution from T.D. Williamson. One of the first systems of its kind, the Subsea 1200RC tapping machine enables a hot tap to be remotely controlled by a top side operator, reducing the dependence on divers and making tapping operations safer and more efficient than ever before. The lightweight, compact, subsea 1200RC tapping machine is designed for operations in shallow water as well as for depths down to 3,000 meters.

The system can also be used under adverse environmental conditions or in murky waters with reduced visibility. Once put in position by divers, the unit becomes a self-contained tapping machine with a built in control system. Hydraulic power is provided to the tapping machine by either a subsea power unit, or a remotely operated vehicle and controlled using a topside laptop computer. Sensors communicate with the laptop to allow monitoring of all critical parameters, including pressure, temperature, cutter position and proximity, rotation speed, and movement of the boring bar and cutter.

Onboard cameras further enhance safety of the operation by allowing backup visual indication of operational functions. As a result, this system enables complete control and visibility of the entire tapping process, providing a level of accuracy, quality and safety not possible in diver-based tapping operations.

The new Subsea 1200RC tapping machine — another innovative solution only from TDW.