SpirALL® Magnetic Flux Leakage Technology

The most accurate long seam assessment possible, with superior defect sizing and unprecedented data delivery, all in a single run.


When it comes to pipeline cracking and coding defects, precise and timely detection and sizing means mitigating these threats before they become critical to the pipeline operation. The SpirALL EMAT from T.D. Williamson provides a comprehensive pipeline assessment. This cutting edge technology detects, characterizes and sizes cracking, and identifies coding defects in both liquid and gas pipelines. This includes hook cracks, cold welds, stress corrosion cracking and detection of coating disbondment.

Specially engineered to transmit ultrasonic waves through the pipeline SpirALL EMAT Technology gives pipeline owners and operators more accurate data, detecting axial cracks with zero width that Magnetic Flux Leakage Based Technology is unable to detect. SpirALL EMAT has an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio that greatly improves the probability of detection. SpirALL EMAT is used in combination with the Multiple Dataset Platform for superior characterization of cracks and interacting defects, identifying threats that could go undetected with fewer available technologies, and before they reach a critical limit. Using all technologies from both MDS and SpirALL EMAT results in superior feature classification, reducing excavations and associated costs.

The MDS and SpirALL EMAT data are combined and analyzed by TDW into a report that gives pipeline operators details about the various threat types and severity level. Precise. Comprehensive. Effective. The SpirALL EMAT from T.D. Williamson: The power to know more.