SmartLay™ Pipeline Flood Prevention System

Automatic sealing prevents seawater from entering new pipelines, avoiding asset damage and ensuring safe work environments.


The SmartLay System, another innovative solution only from T.D. Williamson. During Deepwater Pipelaying conducted from a lay barge, huge lengths of pipeline are placed on the seabed floor every year. During the pipe laying procedure, there are two areas of critical stress: the Overbend and the Sagbend locations.

These two areas are the most common where line buckling can occur. If the buckling results in a breach in the pipeline, this is called a wet buckle. Once a line breach occurs, seawater fills the interior of the pipeline, increasing the weight of the suspended pipeline section and subsequently the load on the lay barge. This can result in damage to the vessel, as well as create an unsafe work environment for personnel.

To reduce risk, increase safety and lessen the high cost of equipment and downtime, T.D. Williamson offers the SmartLay System. Based on the smart plug isolation technology, the SmartLay System consists of tethered SmartLay tools placed in predetermined critical positions in the pipe during the laying procedure. Monitored by topside computers, these tools will sense changes in pressure, line geometry or saltwater intrusion.

When a break occurs, the SmartLay tool will instantly activate and seal the pipeline in less than one second, preventing seawater from passing beyond the SmartLay tool into the newly laid pipeline. This automatic seal greatly reduces risk exposure to topside personnel, seawater contamination and the hazardous impact on the lay barge.

The SmartLay System, another innovative solution only from T.D. Williamson.