ProStopp® DS Isolation Tool

The ProStopp® DS isolation tool is a low-pressure double block and bleed technology specifically designed for the gas distribution industry. Using ProStopp DS isolation technology results in faster, more reliable operations.


Every day countless communities depend on you. Every day consequences of failure increase. Your gas distribution is critical to daily life, and shutdown is never an option. You need a tool that saves you time, money and hassle. One that guarantees reliability and gets the job done better. One that brings a new advanced approach with innovative technology to eliminate steps from your operations process and ensure a total seal, the first time, every time. The next generation of isolation technology is here. The ProStopp DS Isolation Tool provides you the safest and most reliable solution for your gas distribution network. This hydraulically activated, energized seal expands after placement, flawlessly conforming to the pipe wall with industry first double block and bleed technology. One seal accommodates multiple inner diameters, taking the guesswork out of configuring your tool, while drastically reducing your inventory needs. The design increases first time sealing success and reduces trips up and down the ladder, resulting in faster job completion and decreased risk. T.D. Williamson brings decades of isolation expertise and we know you hold a big job, so we make sure you deliver. The ProStopp DS Isolation tool — securing what matters.