Pipeline Pressure

Need a partner to help you optimize productivity, ensure integrity and extend asset life? We understand your pressures.


In a perfect world, getting from point A to point B would be simple. No obstacles, no delays, no problems. Of course, reality is seldom perfect. And pipeline operators know firsthand that transporting product via pipeline isn't always simple. With so many variables and considerations, daily operations can quickly become complex and pressures can mount. Operational pressures such as throughput, safety, integrity and extending asset life. To say nothing of the physical pressures of field conditions, debris in the line, pipeline accessibility, third-party damage.

With the constant potential for operations to be compromised, many operators are looking for a partner to help relieve their pressures. A partner whose decades of field experience and technical expertise can provide value. A consultative partner with fully customizable solutions that save time and money without disrupting productivity. A trusted partner who earns your trust every day. For nearly a century, T.D. Williamson has helped pipeline operators safely optimize throughput, maintain integrity and extend asset life. Your trusted partner, delivering solutions on time anywhere around the world. T.D. Williamson.