Non-Intrusive Pipeline Isolation System: SmartPlug®

A double block and monitor pipeline isolation solution in any medium and applicable for flexible or fixed pipelines. SmartTrack™ system provides activation, operation and more.


The SmartPlug® Pipeline Isolation System from TDW provides bidirectional pigging functionality through both fixed and flexible pipelines. Operated by remote control, the smart plug system can be used in 8-inch to 48-inch pipelines with any pipeline content or medium and can be customized and configured according to project need. The system’s double block and monitor isolation capabilities ensure safe, reliable pressure isolation, helping to maintain production while facilitating a variety of operations.

The TDW SmartTrack System is the perfect companion for activating, tracking, positioning and operating SmartPlug tools. A remotely operated two-way through-wall communication system, SmartTrack can be used with any pipeline medium in a variety of applications, including top side, thick wall subsea and buried pipeline. From normal pig tracking operations to low pressure isolation, SmartTrack offers full flexibility with real time monitoring of both pressure and position, and the ability to reconfigure parameters during operation. Combined, SmartPlug isolation and SmartTrack systems from TDW are the smart choice for safe, reliable intervention and repair operations with a minimum of disruption.