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TDW Offshore Services AS Addresses Elements from the Norwegian Transparency Act

This report formalizes our due diligence and compliance regarding human rights within our supply chain. Download a full report on this topic here

June 27, 2023, Stavanger, Norway – TDW Offshore Services’ core business is to provide in-line isolation services that allow operators to temporarily isolate pressurized sections of pipe safely and reliably. This allows customers to perform maintenance & repair without depressurizing their full pipeline system.

The TDW Offshore Services acts as Center of Excellence for these advanced isolations. These services are provided globally.

Components needed for the isolation tool are sourced from various suppliers, the majority of which are machined steel components. Engineering, assembly, testing, pre and post maintenance is done inhouse at a facility in Stavanger, Norway.

Recently, TDW Offshore Services AS has formalized routines and guidelines that address elements of the Norwegian Transparency Act. The reference is made primarily to the board resolution on compliance with the Act and the OECD’s guidelines for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, as well as procedures and guidelines in the Company, some of which are: TDW Code of Conduct, Contractor HSE Survey, Purchasing routines, Quality and HSE Audit routine, Incident investigation and lesson learned guidelines.

TDW Offshore Services defines all suppliers into three levels, based on the nature of their business and their relationship with TDW. The level in which a supplier is placed defines the degree of documentation requested by the Company.

Level 1 consists of suppliers with less supplier qualification requirements and level 3 is the highest level of qualification requirements. All level 2 and 3 suppliers are subject to supplier evaluation as a part of the Company’s pre-qualification process. The supplier evaluation contains, amongst others, questions on certifications, routines, audits, HSE (including statistical data), business ethics, risks and is designed to capture the suppliers routines for supplier evaluation (sub-suppliers). Level 3 suppliers are, in addition to the supplier evaluation, subject to an HSE-survey in where HSE routines are questioned in more detail. Further, the Company has routines for surveillance of existing level 2 and 3 suppliers which includes an annual questionnaire (Supplier Surveillance Record), annual evaluation meetings as well as audits and audit planning. TDW Offshore Services has routines for audits and performs audits themselves.

In 2022, transaction volume was not a part of the 1-3 level evaluation, thus the routine does not necessarily capture significant/material suppliers in terms of economic activity. In 2023, the Company will consider to update their routines so that suppliers that account for significant transaction volumes will be subject to supplier evaluation regardless of their level status. Furthermore, TDW Offshore Services will continue to update their existing (internal and external) routines with sections that specifically cover fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in their value chain in 2023.


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