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Across the globe, TDW subject matter experts and thought leaders are taking center stage at industry conferences and corporate events. Whether they’re accelerating knowledge by addressing hundreds or educating customers face-to-face, our experts are helping pipeliners unleash opportunities, expand capabilities and be better prepared for the decades ahead. 

Connect with us to learn best practices or to find solutions for your business. Can't visit with us in person? Attend one of our webinars.


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Pigging Fundamentals #3: Pre-ILI Cleaning for Success

Join us for the third installment of the Pigging Fundamentals

webinar series at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 7, with presenter P.J. Robinson, a senior project engineer at T.D. Williamson.

Focus areas:

  • Cleaning guidelines and pig selection
  • Strategy and executing pre-ILI cleaning
  • Temporary equipment needs

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the many strengths and limitations of different cleaning tools to help choose the right pig for the job
  2. Learn how to develop the right strategy to get the most out of each cleaning run
  3. Cover various pipeline cleaning methods and how they are executed
  4. Review pipeline cleanliness, system information and potential temporary equipment needs
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Pigging Fundamentals #4: Implementing Pigging Products to Mitigate Corrosion in Pipelines

Join us at 10 a.m. CDT Tuesday, July 21, for

the final installment in the Pigging Fundamentals webinar series: Implementing Pigging Products to Mitigate Corrosion in Pipelines. The presenter will be with Matt Logan, senior application engineer at T.D. Williamson.

Focus areas:

  • Corrosion causes/types
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Mitigation of corrosion using pigs    
    • MIC/ under deposit, TLC, black powder

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the causes of corrosion inside the average pipeline and the types of corrosion typically present.
  2. List of monitoring techniques to ensure you are using the proper tools to mitigate the corrosion. 
  3. Selecting the correct pig and pigging program as well as how pigs can be used to enhance your current corrosion program.
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Virtual Event
MEA Gas Operations & Technical Leadership Summit

MEA has been offering best-in-class gas operations training since 1923.

This annual two-day event is attended by natural gas crews, foremen, supervisors, managers, and directors. The summit features keynotes, exhibits, pre-conference courses, and tracks on compliance, safety, measurement and control, distribution and technology, engineering and technical training.

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Virtual Event
SGA Spring Gas Conference & Expo

SGA's annual Spring Gas Conference & Expo is a technical

skills and leadership training conference for natural gas operators. This year they are going virtual. 

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OTC Asia

The biennial Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC Asia) is where

energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters. Join us for a TDW presentation on :

  • Advanced Pipeline Isolation Solutions to Enhance Valve Change-outs to Minimize Downtime by Rolf Gunnar Lie, senior technical consultant.
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International Pipeline Conference and Expo 2020

TDW is a proud sponsor of IPC and IPE!

Join us at

IPC for these conference presentations:

  • Puddling Puddle Welds by Dane Burden, senior technical advisor, and Matt Romney, senior product manager, T.D. Williamson with Nic Roniger of Marathon Pipe Line.
  • Purging the 633-Mile Capline Crude Oil Pipeline: A Case of Engineered to Order (ETO) Pigging Solution - John Morrow, training manager, and Raymond Gatlin, senior manager of engineered shared services, of T.D. Williamson with Evan Sparks of Marathon Pipeline and Greg O'Connor of Farnsworth Group.
  • Evaluating the Relationship Between Amperage and End Toe Hardness in Temper Bead In-Service Hot Tap Welds - Chris Vrolyk, welding engineer, and Usama Asad, project engineer, T.D. Williamson.
  • Not All Data is Good Data: The Challenges of Using Machine Learning with ILI by Adrian Belanger, principal engineer; Dane Burden, senior technical advisor, and Paul Dalfonso, senior software engineer, of T.D. Williamson.
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