Pig Launching and Receiving

Pig Launching & Receiving

The ability to pig a pipeline for cleaning, maintenance, and inline inspection (ILI) is essential to integrity assurance. But a lack of launchers and receivers – the equipment that allow pigs, spheres, and ILI tools (often referred to as “smart” pigs) to enter and exit the pipeline while product flow continues – makes pigging impossible.

A pioneer of pigging technology, TDW develops dependable pig launchers and receivers that help pipeline owners and operators safely meet integrity requirements and operational goals. Our SmartTrap® line of launchers and receivers includes both conventional pigging systems that launch a single pig at a time and automated pigging systems that enable the remote automated launch of multiple spheres at pre-determined intervals.

Best used for: onshore and topside platform launching and receiving of pigs for cleaning, inspection, batching, and displacement

Key features:

  • Customizable for product and purpose, with variations including valve placement, length of launch and receive tubes, and type of closure doors.
  • Skid-mounted for easy installation.
  • External pig tray design.
  • Automated control packages simplify launching and receiving operations.


  • What is typically included in a TDW pig launching and receiving system? The standard system includes:
    • Launcher
    • Receiver
    • Closure (threaded or clamp-ring, depending upon pipeline dimensions)
    • PIG-SIG® pig passage indicator
    • Pig handling tray
    • Jib crane and hoist
    • Launch pins that can be controlled locally or programmed to launch spheres at predetermined times based upon pipeline conditions
    • Bypass piping
    • Valves
    • Skid assembly with drip pan
    • Do you provide procedures for launching and receiving? Yes. Operating procedures vary from one system to another. We will provide you with a proven operating sequence to help avoid damage to the pig or pipeline system.

Automated Pig Launching & Receiving

Engineered for wet gas and other pipeline systems that require routine pigging to prevent liquid hold-up and maintain throughput, the TDW SmartTrap® automated combo pigging system enables operators to release multiple pigs one at a time at pre-determined intervals. As a result, you lower operational expenses, reduce labor costs, and improve safety.

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Conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers

An essential component for pipeline maintenance and inline inspection (ILI), pig launchers send pigs, spheres, and ILI tools into the pipeline, where upstream pressure pushes them through to a receiver.

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