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Pigging Solutions Extend Life of Pipelines, Optimize Product Flow

Pigging is a vital component of ongoing pipeline maintenance and operation, but its value extends far beyond those roles. Pipeline owners and operators also use pigs to protect their product purity, remove unwanted materials and items from their line, prepare for pre-commissioning and inspection testing, and confirm pipeline defects. TDW, a global pigging solutions provider, delivers customized solutions for operators’ needs.

Pigging Solutions

From cleaning to confirming suspected pipeline deformations, TDW offers pigs (scrapers) for a wide variety of jobs:

  • Batching pigs provide a barrier between products, saving owners and operators the cost of product contamination, and also can be used to apply corrosion inhibitor.
  • Scraping and cleaning pigs remove unwanted materials from lines, mitigating corrosion and protecting product flow.
  • Gauging pigs confirm possible pipeline defects, providing the information owners and operators need before investing in inline inspection (ILI) services.
  • Liquids displacement pigs sweep liquids from the line, such as when unwanted water results from a chemical reaction or an operator is preparing to decommission a line. These pigs also help capture valuable natural gas liquids (NGLs).
  • Specialty pigs enable pipeline owners and operators to perform unique cleaning or maintenance services to help combat corrosion in pipelines of all ages.

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Parts and Equipment

If a pipeline owner or operator needs to repair or maintain pigs in the field, TDW offers a wide selection of replacement parts and equipment, including:


If operators aren’t sure which pigging solution is best for them, or if they’re interested in setting up a regular pigging regimen, the experienced engineers at TDW can provide guidance and recommendations.

Pig Features and Extras

  • Available for pipeline diameters 2 inches to 60 inches.
  • Can be rebuilt in the field or shipped back to TDW for rebuilding.
  • Individual components available.
  • Dual-diameters available.
  • Bi-directional options.
  • Pigs can be provided with bypass holes, which enhances cleaning effectiveness by pushing debris out ahead of the pig.
Pipeline pigs

Pipeline Pigs

TDW manufactures one of the industry's widest ranges of purpose-built pigs. This vast inventory includes cleaning, batching, gauging, liquids displacement, and specialty pigs, available in multiple diameters and designed to meet specific pipeline and product demands. Customization and configuration options ensure tailored solutions for even the most complex pipeline conditions.

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Pig Passage Indicators

Pig Passage Indicators

Pig passage indicators - commonly referred to as PIG-SIGs, a term TDW originated more than 60 years ago - accurately detect pigs, spheres, scrapers, and other tools as they pass distinct points along the pipeline.

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Tracking and Transmitters

Pig Tracking and Transmitters

Pig tracking equipment enables operators to detect the exact location of pigs as they travel through the pipeline. By utilizing this technology, pipeline operators or service crews can respond rapidly to stalled pigs, which may pose an operational risk to the pipeline.

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Pig Launching

Pig Launching & Receiving

The ability to pig a pipeline for cleaning, maintenance, and inline inspection (ILI) is essential to integrity assurance. But a lack of launchers and receivers - the equipment that allow pigs, spheres, and ILI tools (often referred to as smart pigs) to enter and exit the pipeline while product flow continues - makes pigging impossible.

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Pig Washer

Pig Washer Equipment

Regular cleaning of pigs and other job site tools has an additional benefit: it extends their lives and helps avoid repair and replacement costs. With the TDW solvent-free, automated pig washer, pipeline owners and operators can efficiently and effectively maintain pigs and other tools at their shop or service center.

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One of the most critical operations in pigging is opening the closure, which provides access to the pig trap during both launch and recovery operations. When the closure door is opened during the insertion or removal of a pig, there is a risk of explosive gas-air mixture.

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App Consulting

Pipeline Consulting & Applications

A well-planned, regular pigging regimen can help operators prolong the life of their pipelines, save money, maintain product flow, and minimize product sediment. TDW has more than seven decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and using pigging products, and our experienced technicians will work with operators to select the right pigs - and the right pigging program - for their pipeline and product.

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TDW provides the most comprehensive hot tapping, plugging, pigging, and composite wrap installation instruction available in compliance with Department of Transportation covered tasks standards requirements.

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