Eddy Current Array (ECA)

Eddy Current Array

Eddy current array (ECA) technology provides a highly sensitive means of detecting loss of thickness and surface flaws while pipelines are in service, allowing pipeline owners and operators to prioritize repairs and prevent flow interruptions.

This technology involves driving several eddy current sensors alongside each other on a single eddy current probe. The probes induce a magnetic field in conductive materials and measure changes that occur in that field — changes that could be caused by cracks or degradation of the pipeline material.

Because this technology can detect a stress area or a permeability change caused by a dent — even if the dent has been re-rounded or is not visible — you’re in a position to address flaws before they lead to stress cracks or costly pipeline failures.

Best used for: pipelines made of conductive materials

Key features:

  • Minimal surface preparation required, contributing to process speed and cost effectiveness.
  • Can be used on pipelines in use or prior to commissioning.
  • Rapidly inspects large surface areas in a single pass.
  • Provides permanent record of the scan data.


  • Why use this technology to inspect our lines? Not only is ECA technology sensitive to minute changes in the pipeline surface, it also allows for easy data analysis because of the relatively simple scan patterns it provides technicians. That improves the speed and accuracy of the results you receive.
  • Is this technology proven? Yes, eddy current technology has proved reliable in a number of sectors in addition to pipeline, from transportation to aerospace. Because ECA technology is even faster and easier to use than traditional eddy current technology, it has become a more frequent choice for non-destructive pipeline evaluation in recent years.