Active Speed Control Technology

Active Speed Control

TDW offers unsurpassed velocity control technology for metal loss and geometry inspection of high-flow gas lines. Natural gas flow in these pipelines can exceed 32.19 kilometers per hour (20 miles per hour), while the maximum tool velocity for successful inspections is 11.27 kph (7 mph). Our patented active speed control solution allows inspection tools to operate at optimum speeds within high velocity flow conditions – and produce precise, actionable data.

With this technology, operators no longer need to reduce natural gas flows for reliable inspections, as is required with traditional inline inspection (ILI) tools. As a result, operators potentially save millions of dollars.

The TDW speed control solution consistently proves itself reliable and effective. During two recent case studies, for example, TDW implemented its speed control technology to inspect two large-diameter, high-flow natural gas transmission lines. During both inspections, the tool speed was closely controlled, and the high-resolution deformation (DEF) and magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspections were carried out in a single pass.

Best used for: high-flow, large-diameter natural gas pipelines

Key features:

  • Operates with DEF and MFL tools for geometry and metal-loss inspections.
  • Available in 36-inch and 42-inch sizes.
  • Software actively monitors tool speed during inspection and adjusts when necessary to ensure accurate data is recorded and delivered.


  • Can this technology be combined with other TDW technologies? Yes. Active speed control technology can be easily combined with XYZ mapping, GMFL technology, and deformation capabilities to provide multiple data sets from one run. This approach saves operators considerable time and money.
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