Subsea Pipeline Support


For more than five decades, TDW has helped pipeline owners and operators overcome complex subsea challenges – from tie-ins and decommissioning to pipeline emergency repair – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our customized engineering studies and support, backed by our technology, resources, and expertise, enable you to solve a wide range of subsea issues, including:

  • Performing equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement on pressurized pipelines without bleeding down the entire system, using the SmartPlug® isolation tool.
  • Preventing accidental flooding, protecting assets, and reducing risks and expenses during offshore pipe lay operations with the SmartLay™ system.
  • Improving the safety of pigging operations, including the use of high friction pigs for low pressure isolations or vapor barriers, with real-time monitoring by the SmartTrack™ two-way communication system.
  • Installing and implementing temporary facilities for subsea launch of pigs or SmartPlug technology.