2400 Hot Tapping Machine


The hydraulically operated 2400 tapping machine from TDW is designed for making 30-inch to 60-inch hot taps in pipelines and tanks in preparation for plugging applications. It has an operating temperature range of -29°C (-20°F) to 93°C (200°F) and a maximum operating pressure of 83 bar (1,200 psi) at 93°C (200°F).

The machine comes available with an optional electronic remote control system, which provides personnel with the added benefit of being able to operate the unit from the comfort and safety of a building when harsh outside conditions are a concern.

The 2400 tapping machine is available in two models:

  1. Standard: 108 inches of boring bar travel.
  2. XL: 130 inches of boring bar travel.

Key features:

  • Twin drive motors.
  • Ladder and platform for operator ease of use.
  • Optional remote control unit t ensure comfort and safety in harsh environments.


*Attention, product part numbers may have changed. Please contact your local TDW representative to verify.

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