Liquids Displacement Pigs

Liquids Displacement Pigs

From capturing valuable natural gas liquids (NGLs) to filling and dewatering pipelines after hydrotesting, displacing liquids is central to optimizing production, performance, and profitability. Liquids displacement is also required during commissioning and decommissioning, nitrogen purging and inerting, and batching products in multi-product lines.

TDW provides a complete line of liquids displacement pigging solutions to help pipeline operators:

  • Safeguard flow regimes.
  • Prevent or reduce slug flow.
  • Help mitigate corrosion-inducing conditions.
  • Make pipelines safe for hydrotesting, maintenance, and repair.
  • Improve pipeline capacity utilization.
  • Protect refinery equipment.
  • Avoid product cross-contamination.
  • Recover NGLs and ensure more consistent production of pipeline raw/unprocessed natural gas.

The company’s pigging products for liquids displacement include:

  • UNISPHERE™ pig – Heavy-duty inflatable sphere that remove liquid hydrocarbons and water from pipelines and piping systems.
  • REDSKIN™ foam pig – Tough and abrasion-resistant, used for dewatering, air removal prior to hydrostatic testing, and drying after hydrostatic testing.
  • OptionALL™ batching pig – Designed for light cleaning, line filling and dewatering, batch separation, and liquid removal.
  • ULTRA™ pig – All-urethane pig that is batching- and displacement-capable.    
  • X-Pig® multi-purpose utility tool Flexible and versatile all-urethane pig can negotiate tight pipeline turns. Appropriate for cleaning, batching, and displacement operations.
  • VANTAGE® + pig  Can be used for batching and displacement. Flexible in tight bend pipelines and can traverse a 20 percent reduction in interior pipe diameter.

Best used for: liquids separation, recovery, and removal.

Key features:

  • Made from durable, reliable, field-proven materials, including the TDW proprietary Formula SI™ urethane for superior resistance to abrasion, compression, and other physical issues.
  • Most TDW displacement pigs are equipped with RealSeal® urethane cups – one of the industry’s most effective seals – for optimal performance and two to three times longer life than regular cups.
  • Customizable to meet product and pigging specifications.
  • Bi-directional pigs typically used in filling and dewatering operations can run in either direction.


  • How do I know which pig is right for my needs? TDW helps operators choose the right pig for their liquids displacement needs based upon such criteria as product, pipeline diameter and length, wall thickness, minimum bend radius, flow rate, and pigging history.

In general, multi-lipped conical cups are an effective choice for batching, dewatering, and displacement because they maintain their seal with the pipe wall even in out-of-round or dented pipe. Foam pigs are also commonly used for drying after initial water removal. Spherical pigs are preferred for removing liquids from natural gas lines.

  • Are displacement pigs available in a variety of sizes? Pigs are available for pipelines ranging in size from 4 inches through 60 inches.



The UNISPHERE™ pig, a seamless, liquid-cast polyurethane ball, is designed for easy loading in an automated pig launcher for batching and displacement jobs. Gravity makes the automated launching and receiving of these spheres an easy process.

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Redskin Foam


TDW manufactures foam pigs, including the REDSKIN™ line, with an oversized diameter. The resulting tight fit helps ensure an effective seal, regardless of a pipeline’s wall thickness, making it an extremely effective batching tool.

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OptionAll™ Pigs

Whether pipeline operators want to install cups for highly effective batching or blades and brushes for cleaning, OptionAll™ pigs can be assembled into multiple configurations for a variety of applications.

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The ULTRA™ pig, a mandrel-type pig, is designed for highly effective batching. This pig can be used with TDW RealSeal® urethane cups with multi-lip sealing grooves, which further enhances its sealing capabilities.

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X-Pig® Multi-purpose Utility Pig

Pipeline owners and operators can use the X-Pig® utility tool for nearly any pigging function, including batching, cleaning, gauging and liquids displacement, which significantly adds to this pig’s overall value.

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