Gauging Pigs

Gauging Pigs

The gauging process offers pipeline owners and operators a fast, cost-effective way to determine whether there’s an obstruction or pipe diameter reduction in their pipeline, whether it’s in the pre-commissioning phase or in service. That valuable information can help them decide whether they need to invest in inline inspection (ILI) services to obtain more detailed information.

Gauging pigs are fitted with a slotted aluminum “gauging flange,” which becomes deformed when the pig moves over an obstruction and pipe diameter reduction. In addition to confirming the presence of an obstruction, line gauging also can help owners assess the obstruction’s severity — and the likelihood that an ILI tool could get stuck on the obstruction.

Gauging pigs also remove construction debris, such as welding rods, from the line.

Best used for: any pipeline that does not contain check valves, unless the valves can be locked in the open position.

Product features:

  • Available in sizes 4 inches through 36 inches.
  • Gauge plate diameter and thickness can be customized.
  • Multiple body options available, from steel to polyurethane to foam.


  • What if the gauging pig does get stuck in my line? Gauging pigs can be modified to hold a transmitter for tracking the pig during its run, or to find the pig if it should get stuck in the line.
  • Can you accommodate lines where polyurethane is not acceptable? Yes. TDW can provide alternative materials for the cups and discs in that situation.

OptionAll™ SO-G pig

The OptionAll™ SO-G pig adds highly effective gauging capabilities to our light, yet sturdy OptionAll pigging line. Gauging pigs are used to check for obstructions in a pipeline’s interior (within pipeline diameter restrictions).

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Polly G Redskin

Polly-G REDSKIN™ Pig

The Polly-G REDSKIN™ pig brings proven gauging capabilities together with the resilience and affordability of foam pigs. The pigs also have the capability to traverse tight pipeline bends.

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Vantage V


The VANTAGE® V LV-G combines the strength and durability of the steel-bodied VANTAGE V steel cleaning pig with proven aluminum gauging discs by TDW to detect obstructions and pipe diameter reductions in the pipeline.

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xPig Gauge

X-Pig® Multi-purpose Utility Pig

Pipeline owners and operators can use the X-Pig® utility tool for nearly any pigging function, including batching, cleaning, gauging and liquids displacement, which significantly adds to this pig’s overall value.

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