Batching Pigs

Batching Pigs

TDW engineers its batching pigs to provide a highly reliable barrier between dissimilar products in the pipeline, such as jet fuel and gasoline, protecting pipeline owners and operators from the significant costs associated with product mixing and contamination.

Pigs equipped with proprietary RealSeal® discs and cups, for instance, have achieved a product contamination rate of less than 1 percent. A vast array of additional options is available as well. Examples include:

  • Ultra™ pigs, available in diameters of 16 inches to 36 inches, are made primarily of lightweight yet durable urethane. As a result, they are easy to handle in the field and very long-lasting. These pigs are available in a number of cup and disc configurations.
  • OptionAll™ pigs, featuring non-wearing components of ultra-high molecular weight, protect internal pipe and valve surfaces from damage. The recessed steel bolt and locknut construction help prevent these pigs from breaking up inside the line.

Batching pigs also make highly effective tools for filling lines with water and liquid displacement.

Best used for: all product types, including gas and liquids, and for all line types.

Key features:

  • Pigs can be customized to satisfy different batching applications, and many can be fitted with tools for cleaning and gauging as well.
  • Most foam batching pigs work well in automated launchers.
  • Inflatable UNISPHERE™ pigs and medium-density REDSKIN™ foam pigs can be used in less than 1.5 diameters of radius (D/r) bend piping for batching.
  • RealSeal cups last two to three times longer than conventional cups, which reduces the time, money, and manpower spent on installing replacement cups.


  • Why do RealSeal products last longer than other cups and discs? RealSeal cups and discs are made from a unique urethane mixture — a tough, high-strength elastomer with exceptional abrasion resistance. In addition, the cup and disc lips are more flexible and easily move out of the way of obstructions, which minimizes wear on the urethane.
  • How will I know which batching pig is best for my pipeline? TDW is available to consult with operators and help them select the optimum products for their pipelines.



The UNISPHERE™ pig, a seamless, liquid-cast polyurethane ball, is designed for easy loading in an automated pig launcher for batching and displacement jobs. Gravity makes the automated launching and receiving of these spheres an easy process.

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Redskin Foam


TDW manufactures foam pigs, including the REDSKIN™ line, with an oversized diameter. The resulting tight fit helps ensure an effective seal, regardless of a pipeline’s wall thickness, making it an extremely effective batching tool.

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OptionAll™ Pigs

Whether pipeline operators want to install cups for highly effective batching or blades and brushes for cleaning, OptionAll™ pigs can be assembled into multiple configurations for a variety of applications

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The ULTRA™ pig, a mandrel-type pig, is designed for highly effective batching. This pig can be used with TDW RealSeal® urethane cups with multi-lip sealing grooves, which further enhances its sealing capabilities. 

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X-Pig® Multi-purpose Utility Pig

Pipeline owners and operators can use the X-Pig® utility tool for nearly any pigging function, including batching, cleaning, gauging and liquids displacement, which significantly adds to this pig’s overall value.

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Vantage Plus Pig


All-urethane VANTAGE®+ pigs, engineered with a two-cup configuration, provide excellent sealing capabilities for batching.

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BiDirectionAll Series III Pig

The BiDirectionAll Series III batching pig, available in diameters from 16 inches to 60 inches, can run in either direction within the pipeline if an application requires it.

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Vantage V


The VANTAGE® V pig, featuring a steel mandrel body, has proven effective in batching, cleaning, and pipeline gaugingwith little to no configuration modifications. Because the pig is designed to work with the same cups and discs as the OptionAll™ pig, it simplifies spare parts requirements.

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