TracMaster™ Pro and TracMaster™ Lite

TracMaster™ Pro Pig Tracking

With advanced permanent magnet tracking and locating capabilities, and sophisticated digital processing technology, TracMaster™ systems let pipeline operators keep tabs on as many as eight pigs simultaneously – even lost or stuck pigs. Pigging activities are reported via a simple graphical interface that shows the precise location of stationary pigs and the distinctive pattern of a passing pig. Recorded information is organized and stored by GPS time and date so it can be easily recalled and then viewed onsite, printed, downloaded to a desktop PC or laptop, and plotted on Google Maps. Bluetooth wireless capabilities enable remote monitoring and downloading of recorded passages and coordinates.

TracMaster Pro 770 equipment tracks as many as eight different transmitter frequencies plus magnetic flux leakage (MFL) at the same time; the TracMaster Pro 72 model tracks up to three transmitter frequencies plus MFL. The TracMaster Lite 620 system also tracks up to three frequencies, but is a lower-cost alternative without MFL detection, Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities, or Google Earth™ GPS integration.

Best used for: continuous monitoring of multiple onshore cleaning and inspection pigs running simultaneously.

Key features:

  • Sensors and indicators all in one lightweight, cable-less package.
  • Can be used in any diameter pipeline with appropriately sized transmitter. Tracks any 22 Hz legacy transmitter and adjustable frequencies (X-series) transmitters from 15-32 Hz. Information about stationary and moving pigs is immediately available.
  • Recorded passages are stored until erased from the system’s flash memory.
  • Custom water-resistant casing is guaranteed to withstand the toughest pipeline conditions.
  • Cold-weather operational to -20˚ C (TracMaster Pro systems) or -40˚ (TracMaster Lite model).
  • Works with the existing TDW transmitter family, the new TDW TracMaster Pro X-Series multi-frequency transmitters, and many other transmitters.


  • What are the main differences between the TracMaster Lite 620 system and the TracMaster Pro system? The TracMaster Lite 620 system is a lower-cost, simpler alternative. It includes basic controls, including a single knob for adjusting reception sensitivity, and has scrolling rolls of LEDs instead of graphical interface. An optional remote antenna and remote signal light/flasher are available.
  • Will any of the systems work in extreme cold weather? All TracMaster systems are operational in cold climates.