Pig Tracking and Transmitters

Pig Tracking Equipment & Transmitters

Pig tracking equipment enables operators to detect the exact location of pigs as they travel through the pipeline. By utilizing this technology, pipeline operators or service crews can respond rapidly to stalled pigs, which may pose an operational risk to the pipeline. In addition, operators can track the presence of the pig from the beginning to the end of the run, recording any unexpected speed excursions or periods of stalling in the system.

Pig tracking is considered good practice, particularly when there’s a concern about a pig becoming stalled or stuck in the pipeline, such as during commissioning of a newly constructed system, or when working on a line that has been infrequently or never pigged.

TDW offers two pig tracking solutions: the TracMaster™ magnetic pig tracking and locating system for onshore use and SmartTrack™ technology specifically designed to meet offshore pig tracking needs.

Best used for: continuous monitoring and display of the passage of cleaning and inspection pigs, both onshore and offshore

Key features:

  • Enables through-wall communication capabilities.
  • Detects, reports, and stores highly accurate details about pig passage locations.
  • Information is available immediately via a real-time display.
  • Locates a lost or stuck pig equipped with a transmitter.
  • Transmitters fit inside all types of maintenance and inspection pigs.


  • How is pig tracking different from using pig passage indicators? Pig tracking provides the ability to continuously monitor the location of the pig inside the pipeline, from launch to retrieval. Pig passage indicators detect when a pig has passed a specific point in the pipeline.
  • Can these systems be used to monitor multiple pigs simultaneously? Yes. Transmitters with adjustable pulse patterns or frequencies provide the ability to differentiate between multiple pigs.

Smart Track

SmartTrack™ Communication System

The SmartTrack™ two-way communication system enables pipeline operators to improve the safety of pigging operations by providing real-time monitoring of pigs and tools within the pipeline. 

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TracMaster™ System

Designed for onshore use, the TracMaster™ magnetic pig tracking and locating system detects pigs traveling through pipelines with pinpoint accuracy

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