PIG-SIG® Non-Instrusive Pig Passage Indicator

Pig Sig NI

Pig passage indicators detect, signal, and record the passage of pigs or spheres at predetermined intervals along a pipeline. That allows operators to know the general location of a pig or sphere and be alerted if it’s lost or stuck.

The PIG-SIG® NI non-intrusive pig passage indicator provides reliable information without tapping into the pipeline, saving operators time and money compared to installation of conventional signal devices.

The PIG-SIG NI is easily banded onto the pipeline, where it immediately begins scanning for either transmitter- or permanent magnet-equipped pigs. Pig passage is clearly displayed on a high-contrast, easy-to-view LCD screen. Memory capabilities allow operators to retrieve information about the last 10 passages simply by scrolling.

Options include enhanced long-distance viewing and SatCom satellite uplink, which transmits the times and dates of pig passages electronically, making it appropriate for operating in remote areas.

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