Conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers


An essential component for pipeline maintenance and inline inspection (ILI), pig launchers send pigs, spheres, and ILI tools into the pipeline, where upstream pressure pushes them through to a receiver.

Used onshore and topside on platforms, TDW conventional SmartTrap® launchers and receivers are designed to meet the pigging requirements of pipeline owners and operators worldwide. Made for pipelines from 6 inches through 42 inches, they include standard features such as easy-opening D-2000 clamp ring closures and oversized barrels that ease loading and can accommodate longer length ILI tools. Each conventional launcher and receiver can also be customized to meet product type, pigging purpose, and pipeline design considerations.

TDW also offers complete pig launching and receiving systems, with all components assembled, tested, and skid-mounted for efficient field installation.

Components include: