Automated Pig Launching & Receiving


Engineered for wet gas and other pipeline systems that require routine pigging to prevent liquid hold-up and maintain throughput, the TDW SmartTrap® automated combo pigging system enables operators to release multiple pigs one at a time at pre-determined intervals. As a result, you lower operational expenses, reduce labor costs, and improve safety.

The SmartTrap automated system:

  • Allows multiple spherical pigs to be loaded at one time.
  • Features an innovative flow-through barrel design that eliminates the need to open and close valves to conduct a launch.
  • Increases valve life and reduces maintenance cost.
  • Increases throughput by enabling the consistent removal of unwanted liquids, debris, and other materials.
  • Reduces personnel risks associated with opening and closing the launch trap.
  • Requires fewer site visits and less labor to launch a pig.
  • Lowers methane emissions and helps you meet regulatory criteria.
  • Generates operational savings by reducing fuel and power consumption.
  • Can also be used to launch a combination of standard cleaning pigs, batching pigs, or inline inspection tools.
  • Can also be used with uniquely designed TDW multi-spherical pig receivers.

TDW provides training and support on launching and receiving procedures to help ensure safe and effective operation of the SmartTrap system.