Pipeline Cleaning Consulting & Solutions

Pipeline Cleaning

Because TDW offers so many custom cleaning solutions, pipeline owners and operators are encouraged to consult with the company’s pigging experts before choosing a course of action. TDW can recommend the optimum equipment and services for operators’ lines, products, and environments.

Progressive pigging programs, for example, have proven highly effective for maximizing pipeline throughput. Because of many complex factors unique to each pipeline, developing a progressive pigging program can be challenging.

In its simplest form, a progressive pigging program can involve:

  • Running foam pigs to provide a visual inspection after a run can help operators determine the condition and piggability of their line.
  • Chemical batching, combined with batching pig discs, helps remove contaminants or debris attached to the pipeline wall.
  • Urethane pigs are available in numerous configurations – and can be run with brushes – to tackle the specific cleaning requirements of a line.
  • Specialty pigs are an option as well, to address unique pipeline situations. Steel-bodied pigs with spring-loaded steel mandrels, for example, are ideal for removing corrosion deposits within internal pitting.

TDW is available before and during each phase of the program to help operators determine which steps are appropriate for their pipelines.

TDW also can advise operators of situations when pigging is needed, in addition to routine maintenance, and can recommend the best way to proceed. For instance, clean pipelines are essential to effective inline inspection results.

TDW can even assist in cleanliness metrics to help pipeline owners and operators understand how clean their pipeline is and how to measure that cleanliness.