Pigging Consulting Services

General Consulting

When pipeline owners and operators need help pinpointing a problem or determining the optimum pigging option to address a need, TDW pigging experts can partner with them to develop a custom solution. With decades of experience in manufacturing and running pigs, the company can help pipeline owners and operators “diagnose” conditions in the pipeline system and develop an appropriate pigging response, from pipeline cleaning to liquids displacement.

For example, TDW can help operators determine if a progressive pigging program is an appropriate choice for their pipeline; if it is, company experts can guide the operator through the process. If an operator is considering an automated pig launcher and/or receiver, a pigging expert can make recommendations, connect the operator with the hot tapping and plugging services needed for installation, and assist with setup and training following installation.

TDW can help operators narrow down product choices as well. If an operator needs a pig for liquids displacement, for instance, the company offers numerous options, from the BiDirectionAll Pig, which is designed for air and water displacement applications, to a variety of sphere and urethane pigs that excel at liquids displacement, too. TDW helps operators make the optimum choice for their unique project.

Company pigging experts also can engineer custom solutions, tailored for operators’ pipelines, products, and environments.

Whatever the need, the pigging experts at TDW welcome challenging questions: they are always available to partner with operators and guide them through the many pigging products and services the company offers.