Phased Array Technology

Phased Array

Considered the gold standard of ultrasonic (UT) inspection, phased array is an advanced non-destructive evaluation that enhances the sensitivity and efficiency of ultrasonic inspections. The shear wave phased array ultrasonic method is used to detect and size planar anomalies, including cracks, crack-like features, and other weld defects. It can also perform 0° inspections with heightened sensitivity compared to manual ultrasonic-0°.

Phased array allows for permanent documentation and screen shots of acquired data, enabling anomaly monitoring and growth analysis. 

Best used for: Heightened sensitivity, more efficient, and permanently documented ultrasonic inspections

Key features:

  • Captures data simultaneously from a range of elements for greater precision.
  • Displays images in real time, showing the depth and location of flaws relative to the probe.
  • Data storage capabilities allow for replay and retention of a complete inspection record.
  • Requires significantly less inspection space for scanning compared to automated ultrasound technology.


  • Does phased array save time or money compared to other ultrasonic technologies? Yes. Phased array uses multiple elements that provide a much wider sound path, which reduces the surface area coverage needed. This decreases the number of passes needed by the probe to get volumetric coverage of the test piece. A properly designed phase array inspection plan can perform several different inspections without changing hardware, saving inspection time and expenses.
  • What kind of report will I receive? Once your phased array testing is complete, you’ll receive a report with screen shots and have access to the inspection data file.