Automated Ultrasonic-0 Inspection

Automated Ultrasonic O

Automated ultrasonic (UT-0°) scanning service effectively detects and assesses pipeline corrosion and lamination. Because the scans are repeatable, the position and size data of each flaw can be compared to scans of the same area, allowing operators to track flaw growth and/or corrosion rates.

After the scanning process, you receive permanent documentation of the readings and screen shots of the affected areas, which helps you ensure pipeline integrity, demonstrate code compliance, and prepare for detailed audits.

Best used for: large areas of internal anomalies, such as metal loss and laminations

Key features:

  • To ensure efficient and accurate results, technicians single out the proper transducer for each project based on wall thickness and the expected anomaly type.
  • Data includes accurate sizing and locations of defects.
  • This technology can be used to determine the proximity of corrosion cells to one another.


  • How does automated ultrasonic scanning compare to semi-automated ultrasonic scanning? The two inspection techniques use the same software and produce the same deliverables. Automated scanning allows for much more efficient evaluation of large areas of internal metal loss or laminations.
  • How do I access the readings from the scan? Operators will receive data reports in spreadsheet format. They can easily import the reports into their strength calculation software program for assessing the remaining strength of corroded pipelines.