KALIPER® 360 Technology

Kaliper 360

Pipeline construction contractors have used the caliper technology from TDW to detect large bore reductions in new construction since we introduced first generation KALIPER® tools in the early 1970s. Today, our KALIPER 360 (K360) technology  makes the pipeline bore validation process quicker and more cost-effective than ever.

The K360 tool accurately detects anomalies such as dents, wrinkles, and flat spots. Then it reports each anomaly’s location and severity so you can address them immediately and move closer to pipeline bore validation.

The low-weight K360 is configured for pipelines up to 48 inches in diameter. During operation, the K360 produces minimal drag, reducing the number of air compressors needed to propel the tool and ultimately helping construction contractors save time and money.

Best used for: newly constructed pipelines and pipelines in active service

Key features:

  • Flexible enough to pass through 25-35 percent bore restrictions.
  • Identifies and documents anomalies to accuracies within 2 percent.
  • Reliable and accurate performance within different pipe wall thicknesses and piping/valve/bend configurations.


  • How will the KALIPER 360 Technology affect my bottom line? The K360 provides quick turnaround of results in the field, allowing you to promptly make any needed repairs, get your pipeline bore validated, and place the new pipeline into service. In other words, the K360 saves you time and money.
  • What if I need to remove the tool from the test headers? The K360 can be pulled out backwards if necessary.