SmartLay™ Pipeline Flood Prevention System

Smart Lay

By preventing flooding as a result of wet buckle during offshore pipe lay operations, the SmartLay™ system mitigates risk to the pipe lay vessel and crew, protects as-laid pipeline, and helps pipeline owners and operators eliminate costs associated with standby dewatering spreads. SmartLay technology can be used in either shallow or deep waters.

The SmartLay tool and operational processes rely on field-tested, DNV GL-approved SmartPlug® isolation technology. Once inserted into the pipeline, the SmartLay system’s plug module will activate rapidlytypically in less than one second—when saltwater or pressure are detected. This prevents additional materials (for example, seawater and seabed contaminants) from entering and damaging the pipeline.

The entire system is towed inside the pipeline behind the lay vessel. The wheel support systems have been tested to support the weight of the plug module up to a distance of 1200 km (745 mi).

Best used for: supporting offshore pipe laying operations

Key features:

  • Prevents hazards to pipe lay vessel and personnel caused by the heavier flooded pipe weighing down on the vessel.
  • Customizable to meet project requirements. Up to three tools can be deployed at any position in the pipeline at any one time.
  • Operates automatically and independently of lay vessel.
  • Interfaces with client-preferred towing and communication arrangements.
  • Functions with either a cable/umbilical or a remotely operated pulling device.
  • Can be set and unset multiple times without recovering the equipment to the surface.
  • Communicates and allows remote monitoring of operational conditions through the use of an umbilical or a SmartTrack™ system transceiver.
  • Easy to operate directly from an onboard laptop operated through a Graphical User Interface (GUI).


  • How does SmartLay technology protect the vessel laying the pipeline in case of flooding? In the event of a wet buckle, the plug module senses water ingress and activates to prevent the pipeline from flooding beyond the SmartLay tool. This will minimize the weight increase of the pipeline suspended from the vessel.
  • What is the maximum water depth in which the SmartLay tool can be used? There is no maximum water depth for the SmartLay tool. Maximum depth will be dictated by cable length and vessel capability.