Welding Services

Pipeline Welding Services

In-service pipeline welding requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and expertise to be completed safely and cost-effectively. Improper execution of welding can present any number of risks – from burn-through to hydrogen cracking to material degradation – that can compromise the integrity of the pipeline, as well as the safety of the people and environment around it.

For more than 60 years, TDW has provided pipeline owners and operators with the manpower and resources they need to safely and efficiently perform in-service welding to repair damaged pipelines and to install plugging equipment in preparation for tie-ins, extensions, bypasses, and main relocations.

TDW welders undergo extensive classroom and field training, and are qualified to perform in-service welding on a variety of materials carrying a wide range of products. From high-pressure crude and natural gas distribution lines, to ethylene and chemical transmission networks, TDW can deliver the tools and personnel to keep pressurized infrastructure in-service – safely and on schedule.  

Best used for: welding full-encirclement fittings in preparation for hot tapping and plugging operations. In-service welding may also be performed when installing pig launcher and receiver stations, repair sleeves, fittings or valves in preparation for tie-ins, connections, extensions, bypasses or relocations.

Key features:

  • TDW welding procedures are qualified for pipe walls of varying thicknesses, from 0.125-inch up to 8-inch.
  • Welding engineers are strategically placed in offices around the world to ensure timely arrival to the worksite.


  • What other services does TDW provide along with in-service welding? When necessary, TDW prepares detailed project-specific engineering and installation work packages, including procedures, inspection test plans, and drawings. Welding procedures are qualified for aggressive cooling rates and high carbon equivalencies.
  • Does TDW provide in-service welding in conjunction with its other hot tapping and isolation products and services? Yes. TDW welding teams are integrated with other departments to ensure first-time success of all hot tapping and plugging operations. 
  • In what regions of the world does TDW provide in-service welding? With strategically placed offices and qualified welders spread throughout multiple continents, TDW has the capability to perform welding operations anywhere on the globe.