904 Drilling Machine


The 904 drilling machine enables pipeline owners and operators to make ½-inch through 4-inch taps in high-pressure piping, pipelines, tanks, and storage vessels. It can also be used to insert 2-inch and 3-inch completion plugs to permit recovery of tapping valves, or to install TDW PIG-SIG® pig passage indicators.

The 904 drilling machine has a maximum working pressure of 153 bar (2,200 psi) at 38°C (100°F) and meets NACE standard MR0175-2002 for sulfide stress cracking resistant metallic material for oilfield equipment. It has an operating temperature range of -29°C (20°F) to 82°C (180°F) for intermittent service and a boring bar travel distance of 28-inches.

Key features:

  • Lightweight design of 39 kg (85 lbs).
  • Maximum continuous rating of 82°C (180°F) at 48 bar (1,025 psi).
  • Ratchet crank for manual operation.
  • Optional hose-connected, hand-held air motor for added flexibility.


*Attention, product part numbers may have changed. Please contact your local TDW representative to verify.

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