360 Tapping Machine

360 Tapping

The 360 tapping machine from TDW has a maximum working pressure of 100 bar (1,480 psi) at 38°C (100°F) and is used for creating 2-inch through 6-inch hot taps in pipelines, tanks, and storage vessels under pressure. It can be either manually or hydraulically operated and has an operating temperature range of -29°C (-20°F) to 371°C (700°F) at 48 bar (700 psi) for intermittent service. The machine is ideal for making connections and/or hot taps in preparation for plugging machine operations without pipeline shutdown.

Key features:

  • Maximum continuous rating at 177°C (350°F) at 70 bar (1,025 psi).
  • Lower-in crank.
  • LOCK-O-RING® bypass gauge.

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