Steel Repair Sleeves

Steel Repair Sleeves

TDW offers a full line of steel repair sleeves that allow pipeline owners and operators to secure defective sections of pipe that are cracked, corroded (internally or externally), dented, damaged, or leaking. The sleeves are available in sizes from 2-inch through 48-inch and can be utilized in a half sole configuration, which encompasses half the diameter of the pipe, or a full sole configuration to create a full-encirclement sleeve.

Operators can select a sleeve made from one of four types of steel to accommodate their specific applications. Pressure-rated steel sleeves can be used to repair leaking and non-leaking defects, while the structural-grade models offer reinforcement and support for structurally damaged areas.

All TDW steel repair sleeves feature a wall thickness equal to or greater than the maximum allowable operating pressure required by the pipe being repaired.

Key features:

  • Each sleeve comes equipped with standard bevels with back-up strip and material certifications.
  • Sleeves can be used as pads or cradles for above ground pipelines, drain tile supports, and patches.
  • Suitable for areas of pipe affected by internal or external corrosion, dents, leaks, defective welds, laminations, and cracks.

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