RES-Q® Composite Wrap

RES-Q Wrap

TDW RES-Q® composite wrap is a highly versatile solution for repairing pipelines that are damaged (internally or externally). RES-Q wrap is particularly useful when pipeline clearance is limited or when the width of the excavation makes conventional repair a difficult task.

The wrap is made from a high-strength, carbon fibre fabric combined with an epoxy resin that, when applied to in-service pipe, provides structural support in both the hoop and axial directions. It can be applied vertically or horizontally and easily conforms to straight sections, elbows, reducers, and tees, making it effective for complex shape defect repairs.

RES-Q composite wrap meets the requirements for a number of different pipeline standards, including ASME PCC-2, ISO 24817, and ASME B31.4/B31.8.

Key features:

  • Capable of restoring a pipeline to its design pressure without shutdown or bypass.
  • Designed to be easily installed with the minimum of training, which TDW can also provide.
  • Contains no volatile solvents. 
  • Lay-up design also ensures Cathodic Protection is unaffected.

*Attention valued customers, TDW is currently in the process of updating designs of various product lines and families. Product part numbers may change. Please contact your local TDW representative to verify. Thank you for your cooperation.

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