ProSeries Fittings

ProSeries™ Fittings

Hot tapping and plugging (HT&P) fittings are a crucial part of pipeline integrity, enabling operators to isolate an in-service pipeline for repair, replacement, maintenance, or other work. Having the right fitting at the jobsite exactly when it is needed is essential to avoiding project delays and risk.

Part of the total TDW HT&P solution, the ProSeries™ offering is engineered and manufactured using model-based processes. The result is reduced lead time, substantially faster deliveries, consistent quality, and compliance.

The ProSeries range expands the capabilities of the standard STOPPLE® and STOPPLE Plus fittings, allowing operators to address multiple applications and operating conditions. ProSeries fittings are currently available for 4-inch through 36-inch ASME Class 600 STOPPLE Plus and STOPPLE systems.

Key features: 

  • Part of a total HT&P solution that includes the risk-reducing LOCK-O-RING® Plus completion plug.
  • Proven and validated to comply with complex code requirements: ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8; CFR 192/195; and CSA Z662 CAT I & CAT II.
  • Documentation available ensuring compliance with standards for verifiable, traceable, and complete records. 

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