300D Spherical 3-Way Tee

Spherical 3 Way

The 300D Spherical 3-WAY™ tee can be used with TDW plugging machines to install permanent bypasses without pipeline shutdown. The tee is furnished with a drilled, faced, and pressure-rated flange that meets all ASME Class 300 applications. The flange is also designed to accept the TDW SHORTPLUG™ plug with guide bars.

With plugging equipment removed, the maximum operating pressure of the 300D Spherical 3-Way tee is 49 bar (740 psi) at 38°C (100°F). Its bottom half can be turned to match either a side or bottom outlet for ease of installation in the field.

The fitting is available in sizes 4 inches and greater, and undergoes flange alignment verification and X-ray weld inspection in accordance with API Standard 1104.

Key features:

  • Maximum operating temperature of 82°C (180°F) at 45 bar (645 psi) per ASME B31.4.
  • Comes equipped with a blind flange, studs, nuts, gasket, O-ring, and SHORTPLUG with guide bars.
  • Can be installed horizontally.


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