SHORTSTOPP II Plugging System

ShortStopp II

The TDW SHORTSTOPP® II plugging system is designed for isolating 1.25-inch through 12-inch metal pipelines with pressures as high as 13.8 bar (200 psi). It can also be used for isolating 4-inch and 6-inch polyethylene lines.

The system has a maximum operating temperature of 82°C (180°F) and is available with a number of optional features that enhance performance, including sealing elements for different pressure lines, a chip sweep and magnetic chip removal tool, and reduced branch fittings to allow for isolation in applications with reduced access.

TDW designed the SHORTSTOPP II system to meet industry standards for temporary isolation of distribution mains. Its lightweight and dependable design provides operators with a safe and cost-efficient means of isolating high-pressure lines when complete shutdown is not feasible.

Key features:

  • Pivot ball gland reduces wear on housing and control bar.
  • Control bar jack increases mechanical advantage when lowering plugging head in 4-inch and larger lines.
  • Control bar latch and clamp secure plugging head in seated position.
  • Setting completion plug in fitting permits removal of tapping valve.


*Attention, product part numbers may have changed. Please contact your local TDW representative to verify.

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