Thread-O-Ring Fittings

Tread o Ring Fittings

TDW THREAD-O-RING™ fittings can be used as purge and/or equalization fittings in a variety of hot tapping and plugging applications. They are available in two sizes, 2-inch and 3-inch, and are mainly used with the T-101 drilling machine. They can also be used with the 360 tapping machine.

THREAD-O-RING fittings can be installed during new construction or used for blowdown connections, either upstream or downstream of block valves. The 2-inch fittings have a maximum working operating pressure of 248 bar (3,600 psi) and will easily accept test coupons, gauge adapters, instrument probes, thermometer wells, and TDW PIG-SIG® pig passage indicators. The 3-inch THREAD-O-RING fittings have a maximum operating pressure of 103 bar (1,500 psi).

Key features:

  • Maximum operating temperature of 82°C (180°F).
  • Fittings come equipped with a cap, O-ring, plug, and nipple.
  • Can be used for blow down of isolated pipe sections after double STOPPLE or STOPPLE® Train operations.


*Attention, product part numbers may have changed. Please contact your local TDW representative to verify.

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