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Hydrostatic Testing 


Integrity hydrostatic testing, the re-test of an existing pipeline to prove it is still sound and in compliance with DOT regulations, is inherently more difficult to perform than hydrostatic testing new construction because of the added steps involved:

1. Remove product from line

2. Test per code

3. Dry the pipeline

4. Return product to the line

There are plenty of companies that want to do hydrostatic testing as long as the pipeline is in a convenient location and does not pose any significant technical challenges.

Why should TDW be the #1 choice?

- Total project solutions: planning, preparation and complete execution.

- TDW provides creative solutions for unique or abnormal applications and situations.

- We know how to handle elevation changes in hills, valleys and mountain regions.

- With nearly a century of experience, we know how to do the necessary front-end planning.

- We have all the necessary equipment available to do the job.

- TDW can install temporary traps.

- We can clean lines before testing.

- TDW manufactures pigs and we are experts in pigging products and services.

- We can reduce costs through service efficiency.

- We understand all the latest DOT pipeline integrity regulations.