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STOPPLE® Train Pipeline Plugging System  


The STOPPLE® train plugging system utilizes proven TDW STOPPLE® technology to provide the safety of inserting two plugging heads through a single fitting. The void between the two plugging heads can be bled down to provide a "zero energy" zone. The sealing element on the secondary plugging head provides double block features at pressures ranging from 0 psi to 1480 psi (current design).

Exclusively from T.D. Williamson:
• Single hot tap With two in-line plugs
• Pressure bleed port for monitoring
• Effective double block and bleed

Double Block and Bleed through only ONE fitting saves:
• Fitting costs
• Welding costs
• Inspection costs
• Scaffolding costs
• Crane costs
• Excavation costs

STOPPLE® train advantages:
• Maximize Safety (low pressure/high pressure double block and bleed)
• Space savings in a tight pipe rack
• Minimize time Requirements (single operation)
• Minimize inspection/quality control (single fitting)
• Minimize hot work permits (single fitting)

Double Block and Bleed STOPPLE® protection provides:
• Zone of "zero energy"
• Double seal leakage protection