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Foam Pigs 

The TDW foam pig line offers several economical and effective pigs for a variety of applications. The pigs’ resilience enables them to negotiate short radius elbows, miter bends, and major diameter reductions. The foam pig line is used for light cleaning, air removal prior to hydrostatic testing, water evacuation and drying. One pig is bidirectional, allowing the pig to run in either direction.

The TDW foam pigs are offered in five different configurations:

REDSKIN™ Swab Pig (RS-7)
REDSKIN™ Bristle Pig (RBR-7)
REDSKIN™ Bidirectional Pig (RSBD-7)

The WHITESKIN™ pig is available in sizes 2 inches through 42 inches and is recommended for shorter runs for air or water service. Consult the factory for other WHITESKIN™ pig applications.

Each REDSKIN™ pig is made from tough, abrasion-resistant polyurethane foam. The pig’s honeycomb surface effectively scrapes and wipes the pipeline wall. Wire brushes with bypass grooves provide full-pipe coverage for efficient cleaning and hard water deposit removal.

A polyurethane cleaning wrap with bypass groove removes soft deposits, like paraffin. This increases throughput, reduces pumping costs, and helps prevent corrosion.

The oversized diameter ensures a tight fit and effective seal regardless of pipe wall thickness. The REDSKIN™ pig is especially effective for line filling and dewatering associated with hydrostatic testing.

TDW foam pigs are packaged in plastic bags and shipped in cardboard boxes to extend their shelf life in high-temperature, high-humidity regions.

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