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T.D. Williamson, Inc. Products 

It All Starts With Great Products!

At TDW, we’ve been manufacturing the world’s most trusted piping and pipeline maintenance, modification and repair products for nearly a century. Today, our extensive portfolio of engineered products can be customized for any application, and our comprehensive service capabilities provide a solution for any problem.
TDW products include:

Cathodic Protection Equipment - Engineered for corrosion prevention and corrosion control.

Pipeline Drilling and Hot Tapping Machines - Offering more than 13 tapping and drilling machine models as well as a variety of cutters to cover the need for 1/4 inch to 60 inch holes in pipelines with pressures up to 2,460 psi.

Pipeline Fittings - Our fittings are designed, tested and manufactured to be used on pipelines operating under the following codes: ANSI B31.8, ANSI B31.4, ANSI B31.3, DOT 192, DOT 195 and many others.

Gas Leak Detection - Development and manufacture of electronic detection equipment for the survey of gas distribution networks as well as for individual protection in hazardous atmospheres.

Pigging Products and Accessories - Pipeline pigs, launching and receiving components, quick opening closures and pig passage indicators.

Pipeline Plugging Equipment - TDW introduced the STOPPLE® plugging system in the early 1950s and today it remains the most reliable and widely used method of isolating a section of pipeline.

Pipeline Rehabilitation Products - Pipeline rehabilitation products to permanently restore your pipeline to its maximum operating pressure.

Pipeline Valves - Our valves are industry standard tapping valves and are used on everything from 2-inch low-pressure gas distribution systems to 48-inch high-pressure crude oil lines.